The New England Media & Memory Coalition (NEMMC) is a regional organization dedicated to fostering discussion and promoting a better understanding of how media and digital and analog technologies intersect with and relate to memory, identity, nostalgia, and senses of place. NEMMC supports and is represented by myriad professions including but not limited to archives, A/V and moving-image conservation, cultural informatics, art, and information science.

3 thoughts on “About NEMMC

  1. Hi!

    Hello! My name is Max Clark. I’m a fellow VHS enthusiast; my mom managed the local video store/ dry cleaner when I was a kid (until it closed), I worked in another video store all through high school, I collected vhs all through college in Western Massachusetts (during the early 00’s when mom & pop video stores were closing left & right). My collection is more modest these days, but I’m still very enthusiastic about the culture of collecting tapes. I’m currently developing a short- form episodic documentary series on the history of video stores; the rise of vhs, the boom period of store & franchise growth, the decline in the late 90’s and the current “resurgence” of interest in the format. Ultimately I’d like to hold a tape swap/vhs fest in the area. I’m looking for (if possible) a moment of your time for an interview.



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